easyTaxi Marketing Policy

easyTaxi has partnered with easyFood, easyParcel and the easyGroup to benefit from the strength of their brand and the funding available for marketing.

The easy® brand has been established in the UK for over 30 years. The easy brand consists of easyJet, easyHotels, easyGym, easyBus, easyTaxi and many more,…… The easy brand has extended its reach all over Europe and is one of the most recognisable brands. 90% over people know and trust the brand. Easy® have great business partnerships, investors and have a value of over 1 billion.

Easy have great business values which work closely to our own. Values like Low Cost, Taking on the Big Boys, For the many not the Few, Relentless Innovation, Keep it simple, Entrepreneurial, making a difference to lives and being Honest Caring & Fun.

Our partnership with them enables us to benefit from Promotional offers, Loyalty Scheme and further collaborations with national companies. The costs of joining this partnership will be minimal. The 10% commission fee includes marketing, Loyalty and service charges like card payment fees.

easyTaxi will be their preferred delivery partner, as they have invested in our business and wish for it to grow and prosper like all their brands.  During our initial launch in Leicester, all of the new business generated was directly as a result of the discount promotions offered to customers, encouraging them to download the apps and place orders / bookings.

Easy® are now focussing on developing the marketing that will be required to launch in Birmingham, one of the biggest Cities in Europe. With TV, Radio, Billboard and Social Media, they aim to capture a significant portion of the delivery market. This will greatly benefit your drivers and ultimately your business.

Easy also benefits from the opportunity to Network Market from all its partners across the group. We too could spread the reach further by extending the network our to all our Taxi companies, drivers, partners and customers.

This could further be reciprocated by the Restaurants, Takeaways and convenience store workers, family and customers.

They also have a direct marketing service which can email, text, message and notify your existing customers by offering them great value offers to encourage them to use you. We find Taxi & Private Hire Companies have tens of thousands of customer details which they could reach out to.

Each of your drivers will be equipped with an ‘easy’ jacket and delivery bag. They can also benefit from the branded face masks, branded gloves, branded car stickers, branded posters for customer waiting rooms and branded merchandise. Ofcourse easy wish to promote their brand, but in return they offer additional new work for our drivers.

easyFood have sold Franchises covering areas across the UK. Theses franchisees will be tasked to recruit Restaurants, Takeaways and Convenience Stores within those areas. With easyFood apps, Restaurant management devices, the infrastructure and manpower, all backed by a great brand and marketing fund, easyTaxi and its partner companies could benefit massively!!

For more information contact the marketing department at easyTaxi or easyFood

info@easytaxis.com or info@easymarketing.co.uk